Air Lift 75569 - Universal 5" Sleeve-Over Shock Kit



Can't find a bolt on air strut application for your car? Make your own with Air Lift's universal strut packages! These universal struts come with the materials to make your own top and bottom strut mounts to fit your vehicle.


- (2) Non dampening adjustable struts with sleeve style bags

- (2) Upper brackets

- (2) 14mm suspension bushings

- (2) 20mm suspension bushings

- (2) Clevis forks

- (2) Shock adapter tubes

- (2) Swivel elbow fittings matched to your line size

- All required hardware


  • Welding is required
  • To be used as a shock only
  • You may need to source other materials depending on the make and model of your car
  • There is no warranty due to the required fabrication (welding)
  • Individual replacement parts are available

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