As part of our expanding BMW B58 engine platform product range, AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch our enclosed intake kit for the M140i and M240i models, suitable for track or fast road use.

Developed in-house at AIRTEC HQ in the UK, we’ve created a comprehensive solution to improving the car’s original air intake system to allow more flow whilst maintaining low intake temperatures, improving response, as well as sound and aesthetics within the engine bay.

Having previously designed a number of shielded induction kits for other performance models, we were keen to develop an extensive intake package for the BMW M140i/M240i models to offer significant improvements.

Featuring a free-flowing cotton air filter, accompanying aluminium intake pipe with billet MAF housing and Pro Hoses silicone connector, our kit is a direct replacement for the restrictive OEM air box set up. By opting for the largest filter that could be fitted, we’ve utilised the space and incorporated a profiled shield that seals against the bonnet and inner wing to create an enclosure and ensure the new air filter does not suffer with heat soak issues from the confines of the engine bay. The laser cut shield also ensures the filter only receives fresh air from the original OEM air feed fitted underneath.

The result is increased power, improved throttle response, heightened induction noise and a more pleasing look to the engine bay. The kit requires no additional drilling or cutting to fit and comes complete with all the correct fixtures and fittings, as well as detailed instructions.


  • Comprehensive induction kit designed specially for the M140i and M240i platform
  • Large cotton air filter for improved flow and increased performance
  • Laser cut shield helps to ensure lower intake temperatures
  • Front intake directs constant feed of cold air to the filter
  • Improved soundtrack and under bonnet aesthetics
  • Long-lasting, high-quality black powder coat finish
  • Includes all fixtures and fittings


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