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Introducing you our new subwoofer, which will become the undisputed leader among loudest musical SPL systems. While designing a new speaker we had to consider the experience of the best Russian and foreign SPL competitors. We have used the top-end components, which can withstand extreme loads. The heart of the DB-SA315NEO is an unique power unit based on an integral(solid) array of neodymium magnets, which made it possible to achieve record high magnetic field strengths in the magnetic circuit gap and as a result to obtain high sensitivity and the ability to cope with peak loads ten times higher than rated power values of the subwoofer. Having this monster in the arsenal, you will get an opportunity with equal success to participate in SPL competitions and to surprise experienced fans of extremely loud bass.

Model DB-SA310D2
Type Subwoofer
Size 15 inch
Voice coil size 3.00 inch
Cone Paper
Magnet Neodymium
Voice coil wire Alu
Surround Foam
RMS Power 3000 W
MAX Power 6000 W
Frame Alu
Impedance 2+2 Ohm
SPL 85.00 dB
Fs 36.00 Hz
Qts 0.31
BL 28.00
Re 1.4+1.4
Vas 45.70 L
Xmeh 56.00 56.00 mm
Xmax 28.00 mm
Mounting depth inch (274.0 mm)
Cut-out dimension inch (353.5 mm)
Gross weight lb (37.30 kg)