Alpine KTP-445A - 4-Channel Power Pack



Want a simple way to boost up the power of your Alpine receiver? Alpine's KTP-445A Power Pack increases your receiver's power output to 100 watts x 4 - plenty of power to drive high-performance speakers.

This compact upgrade instantly boosts the power of your system. Easy to install with no additional wiring, it fits neatly behind your head unit.
You can very easily install the compact KTP-445A Power Pack by plugging it directly into your Alpine receiver's wiring harness - no extra wires to run, and no other connections needed.

  • 4 x 100W MAX
  • 4 x 45W RMS
  • Works with all 2005 > present Alpine head units
  • Plug & Play installation (no additional wiring required)
  • Compact size

Not compatible with the CDE-120R / CDE-130R/RM/RR & the IVE-W530BT 



  • INE-W928R                                  
  • INE-W925R                           
  • INE-W920R                          
  • CDE-185BT
  • CDE-183BT                                 
  • CDE182R                      
  • CDE-181R/181RM/181RR         
  • CDE-180R/180RM/180RR    
  • CDE-178BT                               
  • CDE-177BT                             
  • CDE-175R                                
  • CDE-173BT
  •   CDE-171R/171RM/171RR              
  • CDE-136BT                             
  • CDE-123R                                
  • CDE-W233R
  • CDE-W235BT                          
  • CDA-9886M                              
  • CDA-137BTI                              
  • CDA-117RI
  • UTE-81R                                      
  • UTE-80B                                   
  • UTE-72BT                              
  • IDE-178BT
  •  IDA-X100M                            
  • ICS-X7                                           
  • ICS-X8                                    
  • IVE-W585BT
  •  IVA-D511R


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