8 Channel Digital DSP Amplifier - PDP-E800DSP

Alpine introduces a brand new PDP-E800DSP Digital DSP Amplifier. This amazing all-in-one solution allows you to improve the sound in virtually every vehicle, thanks to its connections and widespread possibilities.

It has 6 input channels (both pre-emptive and speaker levels), and up to 8 completely changeable output channels, allowing a very wide range of editing. Set your sound to a professional 240-band Parametric Equalizer, 8-Channel Digital Timeout, and 8-Channel Crossover.

Use the Alpine PC software to set up the system and connect to the PDP-E800DSP wirelessly or via USB. Extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use software allows you to fully control all the settings and display them all very beautifully on the screen.

The free Alpine Control PDP-E800DSP application (available for both Android and iPhone) allows you to change the basic settings of the DSP amplifier on-the-go, such as master-volume, subwoofer level, input selection, pre-loading, and more.

The PDP-E800DSP is the perfect solution for improving the sound just for OEM system improvements, where the factory transmission is not so easy to change. The Alpine DSP amplifier is added to the existing OEM system, allowing you to build a sound system that matches your needs with the factory system.


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