Alpine R-A90S - 6 Channel Power Amplifier with Staggered Power

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6-Channel Amp with 5-Channel Power – With double the power on the last two channels, the R-A90S’s 5th and 6th channels can be bridged to provide up to 500-watts at 4Ω to a subwoofer system such ass a pair of S-SB12Vs.
An Amp that Grows with You – When you’re ready to upgrade your Alpine system, use the R-A90S to amplify a 3-way active system with enough mid-bass power to create the up-front bass impact you crave.
Accurate Sound Reproduction – With incredibly low phase shift and hi-resolution frequency response, the R-A90S can reproduce sound with incredible accuracy that stays true to the artist’s intention.


For loud and realistic-sounding music

Into high-res music? Alpine's R-Series R-A90S amplifier reproduces high-frequency sounds up to 45,000 Hz, so you can enjoy the clean sound and enhanced realism you want in your music. Alpine applied some hot technology from their top-of-the-line X-Series amplifiers into this R-Series amp, including the use of high-efficiency transformers and premium custom capacitors in the amp's construction. Dual "Sierra" feedback circuitry decreases distortion by correcting the output using the original input signal. Even if you're playing CDs and standard-resolution music files, you can count on superior sound quality from this amplifier.

It's not just about power

Alpine designed this amp to run a 3-way active system. Channel 1/2 can send a couple tweeters up to 75 watts RMS each and features a high-frequency high-pass filter necessary for safe tweeter operation. Channel 3/4 can send a pair of midrange drivers 75 watts RMS each and features a band-pass filter that keeps extreme highs and lows away from the midrange speakers. Channel 5/6 is for subwoofers, low-pass filter only, and can power two subs with up to 250 watts RMS each, or one sub with 500 watts.


  • 6 Channel class D digital amplifier
  • 6 Channel
  • Thermal Protection
  • Low-battery Protection
  • Auto Over-Current Protection
  • Adjustable High Pass, Low Pass crossover
  • Adjustable gain control
  • Per Channel into 2 Ohms,: 4 x 100W + 2 x 250W
  • Per Channel into 4 Ohms,: 4 x 75W + 2 x 150W
  • Per Channel into 4 Ohms,: 4 x 75W + 1 x 500W (bridged)
  • Per Channel into 4 Ohms,: 2 x 150W + 1 x 500W (bridged)