Alpine SBG-1044BR - 10" Sub in Bass Reflex Enclosure



The Alpine SBG-1044BR has 500W peak power handling - this ready-to-use bass reflex subwoofer box is just the thing for big bass fans.


The bass box has a pre-installed SWG-1044 subwoofer and is all wired with high quality terminals in the back. Acrylic windows on the top and side provide an inside view and the blue illumination adds a cool effect. A protective grille ensures that nothing sliding around in the boot damages the woofer.


  • Acrylic window with blue illumination
  • 10 Type-G Subwoofer
  • Peak Power: 500W
  • RMS Power: 150W
  • Box Size: 350 x 360 x 285 /395 mm

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