Audison Prima APK 130 - 13cm Component Speakers

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Two way system features AP 1 tweeter and AP 5 Woofer. APCX TW crossover features a two-position level selector providing the ability to adapt its response to its two main applications: +2dB if installed behind the OEM grille, 0dB for an A-pillar installation without additional grilles between the tweeter and the listener.
To ease the installation in OEM placements the woofers are equipped with high current fast-on terminals with double contact on positive and negative poles for high flexibility and quick connection.

  • 1 AP1 tweeter with 26 mm diameter diaphragm combined with a wide-roll surround provides maximum efficiency and reduced resonance frequency.
  • 2 AP 1 tweeter with acoustic lens designed to compensate for and fine tune the in-car frequency response anomalies in the 10kHz-13kHz bandwidth caused by restrictive OEM grilles in critical OEM placements.
  • 3 APCX TW very compact tweeter passive crossover optimised for OEM Integration featuring an attenuation switch (0 dB, +2dB) to tune the in-car response according to different installation conditions.
  • 4 Passive crossovers are supplied with “OEM Integration compliant” fast-on connectors. The ends, different in each of the two poles, eliminate any possible connection errors and speed up the required installation time.
  • 5 AP 5 woofer with 32 mm pure copper voice coil, for high power handling and outstanding low frequency control.
  • 6 AP 5 woofer with water-repellent treated paper cone, featuring a profile developed with FEM (Finite Element Method) simulation technology and optimized with the Klippel R&D Scan Vibrometer.
  • 7 AP5 woofer with reduced mounting depth, providing ease of installation in OEM placements.
  • 8 AP5 woofer with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) surround, featuring the exclusive shallow “Triple Wave” profile, for maximum excursion linearity.
  • 9 AP 5 woofer with compact basket, protected by abrasion-resistant and scratch-proof coating, the motor affixed with damping epoxy adhesive.
  • 10 AP 5 woofer with high current fast-on terminal with double contact on positive and negative poles for high flexibility and quick connection. The terminal features a temperature resistant plastic cover, protecting it against accidental short circuits.
  • 11 Developed with the KLIPPEL suite.
  • * Grille included


  • Component 2-way Coaxial
  • Size mm (inch) Woofer 130 (5) / Tweeter 26 (1)
  • Power Handling Peak 225W / continuous 75W
  • Impedance 4Ω
  • Frequency Response Hz 70 ÷ 20k
  • Crossover type HP @ 3,5 kHz - 6 dB Oct
  • Component adjustment dB +2; 0
  • Magnet size mm 85 x 40 x 13
  • D x h (in.) (3.35 x 1.57 x 0.51)
  • Weight of one speaker kg (lb) Woofer 0,65 (1,43) / Tweeter 0,04 (0,09)
  • Voice Coil Ø mm (in.) Woofer 32 (1,26) / Tweeter 20 (0.8)

Kit includes 2 x 5.25" woofers, 2 x tweeters, 2 x crossovers