Audison SR 1.500 - Mono Amplifier



Audison SR 1.500

Powerful Class D amplifier in compact form. The amplifier will deliver 1000 watts RMS into 1 ohm. The compact brushed aluminium extrusion includes built-in moulded heatsinks on the short sides of the casing negating the need for cooling fans. This improves installation options. All controls are top mounted and covered with a matching removable silk-touch aluminium panel.

OUTPUT POWER (RMS) @14.4 VDC, 1% THD: 500 W
SN ratio (ref. 1 W output): 75 dBA
OUTPUT POWER (RMS) @14.4 VDC, 1% THD: POWER W RMS: 500 (4 ohms)
800 (2 ohms)
1000 (1 ohms)

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