Audison SR 4.300 - 4 Channel Amplifier



Audison SR 4.300

A versatile 4-channel amplifier. A compact aluminium case is designed to keep the amplifier cool while working hard even without the need for fans. Handsome enough to be put on show yet small enough to be hidden away for those requiring a discrete installation. Channel configuration is down to your installers imagination and the ability to run low impedance offers an additional flexibility.

OUTPUT POWER (RMS) @14.4 VDC, 1% THD: 75 W x 4 Ch
SN ratio (ref. 1 W output): 82 dBA
4 85 x 4 (4ohms)
4 130 x 4 (2ohms)
3 80 x 2 (4ohms) + 250 W x 1 (4ohms)
3 130 x 2 (2ohms) + 260 x 1 (4ohms)
2 250 x 2 (4ohms)

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