B2 Audio RAGE 8″

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Sold in 1 piece 

The latest addition has enlarged the RAGE grasp, so now it also covers the new RAGE 8″ subwoofer

Both come with dual 2 ohm voice coils, stitched tall roll foam surrounds and as usual impressive motors made of the same premium materials the other RAGE’s are made with.

The RAGE is now a driver without compromise, taking on any competitor in both sound quality and spl.

Power Handling: 400w rms
Sensitivity: 83.8 dB
Nominal Impedance: Dual 2 Ω
DC Resistance (Re): 1.9 Ω
Resonanse Frequency (Fs): 39.3 Hz
X-Max: 15mm 1 way
Vas: 5.4 L
Qts: 0.46
Qms: 5.64
Qes: 0.5
Voice Coil diameter: 2″