B2 Audio RAGE 1200.2 - 2 Channel Amplifier



RAGE 1200’s

Relieving the MA’s of their duty, the latest RAGE mulitchannel amplifiers won’t come up short in any way! Newly added features, decreased footprint & greater power are all on the checklist.
Whether it is 1200 watts into 2 or 4 channels, The RAGE 1200’s will keep it under control.

No problem, on these amps we have added High Level inputs. Previously you may have gotten around it by using adapters, whereas we offered our active DSP, The RAGE FIEO to connect your OEM system to external amplification. If you only require an upgrade on the front speakers and an external sub, then the RAGE 1200.2 offers RCA out connection.
MINI is greater

Considering the 1200’s has decreased its footprint by min 15%, but increased its power by 20% due to entirely new optimized circuits, it is not only an achievement, but directly beneficial to your install and your pockets. All it takes is 10.6 x 6.45 x 2.28 ” / 27 x 16.4 x 5.8 cm to house the 1200 watts. But how about rise? Even though the 8 Ω rating isn’t stated, it is about 70% of the 4 Ω rated power. Key features from the MA’s such as the clip indicator has been carried over. So has the ACCU8 crossovers with designated frequencies on the potentiometers, (see the manual for a full frequency list).


With today’s more advanced battery tech and lithium finding its way into car audio, we have tweaked the operation voltage all the way up to 17.5 V. By doing so you don’t need to worry about running your batteries at a low SOC and amplifiers going into protect.

Power @ 4 Ω: 2 x 500 w
Power @ 2 Ω: 2 x 600 w
Power @ 4 Ω bridge 14.4v < 1% THD: 1 x 1200 w

Frequency Response: 10 Hz ~ 25 KHz (+/- 2 dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio: > 90 dB
Input Sensitivity: 4 ~ 0.2 V
Crossover: 24 dB / Oct
High Pass Crossover: 40 Hz ~ 5 KHz
Low Pass Crossover: 20 KHz ~ 1 KHz
Damping Factor: >400
Power Terminal Gauge: 4 GA x1
Fuse Rating: 100 A
Operational voltage: 9 V ~ 17.5 V
Dimensions: 10.6″ x 6.45″ x 2.28″
(270 x 164 x 58 MM)

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