Bassface GT Audio GT-1100/x1D - Mono Amplifier




Product Category Amplifiers
Version 1
Series GT Audio
First Added 08/08/2022
Last Modified 26/01/2024
Barcode 5060905111022
Production Status Current
Product Net Weight (g) (For Pairs/Sets/Major Parts) 2940
Product Height (mm) 52
Product Length (mm) 330
Product Width (mm) 219
Complete Product Pack Weight (g) 3140
Retail Carton L (mm) 427
Retail Carton W (mm) 250
Retail Carton H (mm) 85
Operating Temperature (Degrees Celsius) 0-50
Weatherproof Rating In-Car Only
Warranty (Months) - Private Enjoyment Use Only 12
Sold As Single



Genuine Useable RMS Power, 4Ohm (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 430x1
Genuine Useable RMS Power, 2Ohm (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 730x1
Genuine Useable RMS Power, 1Ohm (Watts), < 1%THD, 14v 1100x1
Frequency Response (Hz) 10>190
Signal To Noise Ratio (db) 90
LPF (Hz) 40>180
Bass Boost (Db) 0>12
Boost Frequency (Hz) 30>80
Subsonic Filter (Hz) 0>50
Audio Signal Input Voltage (V) 0.2>6
LPF Slope (Db/Oct) 12
Subsonic Filter Slope (Db/Oct) 24
Amplifier Topology Class D
Maximum Input Voltage (V) 16
Fuse Rating (Amps) Unfused
Power Wire Input Gauge (AWG) 4
Minimum Recommend Final Load Per Channel (Ohms) 1 Mono
Input Impedance (KOhms) 22


  • Class D Technology - Maximum Power Mono Subwoofer Amplifier
  • Power Output 1x1100W RMS @ 1 Ohm Load
  • Power Output 1x730W RMS @ 2 Ohm Load
  • Power Output 1x430W RMS @ 4 Ohm Load
  • 16V Capable RCA Input + Line Output
  • 40>180Hz LPF / 0>50Hz HPF Crossovers
  • Minimum Power Supply 110A via 1x 4AWG Input
  • 10>190Hz Response / 90dB Signal To Noise Ratio
  • 16V Capable Power Input
  • Included Bass Remote & Cable

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