BASSFACE IndyS12/2 - 12" Subwoofer

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Introducing the Bassface Indy S - first of many lines to be developed in our own facility here in the UK by our new engineering team. This is a brand new design - not a single part of the Indy S is carried over fromprevious models. We literally started with a blank sheet of paper and engineered everything to offer the best possible reliability and performance for a woofer at this price point. Many prototypes, re-designs and modifications were made and a tremendous amount of reliability testing was undertaken in order to ensure outstanding longevity. Using custom designed coils and spiders tuned to each exact model we were able to develop for excellent excursion and power handling while implementing measures to prevent coil rub. The motor venting has been carefully designed to offer a good balance between noise reduction and cooling efficiency. The build of the woofer also incorporates some measures to add additional durability for extreme use. The high roll surround was chosen to allow to peak excursion while maintaining good cone area. In normal use the surround will not be put to its maximum limits - this helps to improve longevity. Dual leads add additional failsafe. The added bead of glue above and below the coil prevents separation of the coil when used in extreme situations. This is a useful feature for those that use this woofer for SPL burps. Oversized 4 AWG terminals make for easy installation and allow easy use of multiple cables to the one terminal when running multiple woofer configurations. The suspension, spiders and build of this woofer along with the over specified X-Mech allow safe use in almost ANY enclosure; bandpass, vented, sealed - the IndyS will cope with them all. The single stipulation is that it WILL NOT work in a free air/infinte baffle configuration. For keen enthusiasts this woofer offers good musicality at an affordable price point whilst maintaining great power handling and surprisingly good deep bass performance. Indy S is the Swiss Army Knife subwoofer. We also offer easy use recone kits that come with the shim tool needed at an affordable price for experienced users in competition scenarios.


Continuous RMS Power (Watts) (One Speaker, Using Appropriate Crossover & 0%THD) 1300w rms

Overall Diameter (mm) 316

Magnet Diameter (mm) (Including Magnet Protector Where Applicable) 177

Installation Cutout Diameter (mm) 280

Overall Depth (mm) 207

Mounting Depth (mm) 210

Front Protrusion From Mounting Plane (mm) 30

Optimum Frequency Range (Hz) 20-80

Impedance (Ohm) (Nominal) 2+2

Total Magnet Weight (Oz) 144

Magnet Size 170*25

Magnet Type Y30

Magnet Qty 2

Top Plate thickness (mm) 10

Back Plate thickness (mm) 8 And Bump

Recommended Bass Enclosure Type Ported/Sealed

Recommended Bass Enclosure Volume (CuFt) 1-2.5

Recommended Bass Enclosure Tuning Frequncy (Hz) 32

Voice Coil Former Spec Aluminium

Voice Coil Type Round Wire

Voice Coil Internal Diameter (mm) 76.5

Voice Coil Winding Hight (mm) 36

Voice Coil Winding (Layers) 4

Cone Type Non Pressed Paper

Sipder Compliance Medium

Spider Type Progressive

Spider Diameter (mm) 188

Spider Design 1x1, Spacer, 1x1

Surround Tall Smooth

Surround Material Foam

Tinsel Wire Double Oversized Round Wire Stitched

Terminal 4 AWG Push



Revc (Ohm) 3.68

Fo (Hz) 31

Sd (Cm sq) 530.93

BL (T m) 18.426

Qms 6.042

Qes 0.581

Qts 0.53

SPL (Db) 84.98

Vas (Ltr) 38.035

Cms (uM/N) 0.095

Krm (Ohm) 0.0018

Erm 1.04

Mms (g) 274.267

MMd (g) 260.443

Kxm (mOhm) 26.6

Exm 0.8

Xmax Both Way Total (mm) 25

Xmech Both Way Total (mm) 45

EBP 58.5