Bassface RED15.4 15" Inch 38cm 2x2Ohm DVC Pro SPL SQ Series Subwoofer 2500w RMS

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Bassface RED series is a proud moment for us. This product was developed using the .4 series as a base, and then by careful discussion and modification of the platform to take excursion and performance beyond what was previously possible using this basket platform as a base. We made custom tooling and custom spiders and we delivered several prototypes before finally settling on the design. Featuring thick, stong cones, twin spiders and enormous magnets the RED series is built with quality as standard. Immediate availability of recone kits will offer rebuildability for the heaviest users or competitors. Performance is compelling - deep, rich bass and great quality, delivered with a solidity that ushers in a new format of working for Bassface.


Product Data

Bassface SKU : RED15.4.2

Product Category : Subwoofers

Barcode : 680044771731

Retail Carton L mm : 460

Retail Carton W mm : 460

Retail Carton H mm : 300

Warranty Months : 12

Sold As : Single

Technical Highlights

Custom Tooled Double Spider Design To Maximise Basket Excursion

Large Gauge Tinsel Leads Stitched To Spider

Super High Density TRIPLE Stacked Ceramic Magnets

Extreme Double Duty Non Pressed Paper Cone

Dual 2 Ohm BASV High Temperature Voice Coils

CAD Optimised Low Compression VC Cooling System

Cast Aluminium Basket

Treated Oversize Double Stitched Foam Surround

Carbon Fibre Dust-cap Assists Structurally

Quick Release Push Terminals

Machine glued bobbin to coil joint for perfect consistency using NewTech adhesive

TS Parameters

TS Parameters Revc Ohm : 1

TS Parameters Fo Hz : 40.930

TS Parameters Sd Cm sq : 804.25

TS Parameters Md g : 160

TS Parameters BL T m : 10.429

TS Parameters Qms : 6.958

TS Parameters Qes : 0.409

TS Parameters Qts : 0.387

TS Parameters No % : 1.3

TS Parameters SPL Db : 93.2

TS Parameters Vas Ltr : 80.223

TS Parameters Cms uM N : 87.343

TS Parameters Krm mOhm : 5.447

TS Parameters Erm : 0.780

TS Parameters Mms g : 173.115

TS Parameters MMd g : 160

TS Parameters Kxm mOhm : 30.308

TS Parameters Exm : 0.631

TS Parameters Xmax mm : 35

Speaker Data

Single Speaker Max Power : 5000

Single Speaker RMS Power : 2500

Speaker Overall Diameter mm : 400

Speaker Installation Cutout Diameter mm : 360

Speaker Mounting Depth mm : 225

Speaker Front Protrusion From Mounting Plane mm : 30

Speaker Sensitivity db 1Wm : 90

Magnet Weight Oz : 125x3

Magnet Type : Y30

Recommended Cable : PSC10.2

Recommended Bass Enclosure Type : Ported

Recommended Bass Enclosure Volume CuFt : 3.1782

Recommended Bass Enclosure Tuning Frequncy Hz : 42

Voice Coil Diameter mm : Bassface Distribution Ltd

Tweeter Data

Tweeter Recommended Cable : 100

Whats In The Box?

1 x High Performance Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer