Bassface SPLT.1 4" Titanium Bullet Tweeter (PAIR)

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Bassface SPLT.1 600w 4" Inch 98mm 4Ohm Titanium Bullet Tweeter Pair

Now shipping Version 3 of this product - The SPLT.1 is our premium high performance tweeter kit. With 25mm titanium diaphragms and oversized magnets these are designed to keep up with even the most powerful of systems without distortion. The optimum crossover point is around 5Khz for maximum power handling and musicality. Even though this is an extremely powerful driver unit the sound is smooth and detailed, requiring only modest equalisation to compensate for car layout to achieve an impressively flat frequency response. Now shipping with pre fitted 3.3uF capacitors for easy installation. Note that these capcitors will ensure a safe installation in every case but that they can be removed for use in an active system or be replaced by other capacitors as long as the drive frequency is taken into account to prevent damage. We suggest trying 2.2uF capacitors (not supplied) as an alternative if you are interested in experimentation.

The SPLT.1 has been with us since the start. It presents itself as a very cost effective high power tweeter solution. V1 ? The V1 was a great success. V2 ? The V2 came with a move of factory and wasn't as stable as the first version, with some manufacturing tolerence issues that saw a larger percentage of warranty service that the V1. V3 ? Factory changed again - manufacturing closely monitored to ensure even better consistency than V1. Pre fitted with 3.3uF capacitors.

Product Data

  • Brand: Bass Face Car Audio
  • Model: SPLT.1
  • UPC: 608938356512
  • Sold As: Pair
  • Bass Face Series: Assault Series
  • Version: 3
  • Weight: 2190 (g)
  • Product Width: (mm)

Key points

  • Integrated Bullet Phase Plug
  • Pure Titanium Diaphragm
  • OFC Copper Voice Coil
  • Spade Terminals And Pre Installed 3.3uF Capacitor
  • CNC Machined Front Plate

More Data

  • Super Tough Black Finish
  • Pro Audio Inspired Features For Extreme SPL
  • Compressed Design for Shallow Mounting Depth
  • Extra Wide Frequency Range
  • Max Power (when using a pair) : 600
  • RMS Power ( when using a pair) : 300
  • Tweeter Recommended Cable : PSC18.1
  • Tweeter Voice Coil Diameter (mm) : 25
  • Tweeter Overall Depth (mm) : 46
  • Tweeter Mounting Depth (mm) : 37
  • Tweeter Front Protrusion From Mounting Plane (mm) : 8
  • Tweeter Overall Diameter (mm) : 98
  • Tweeter Magnet Diameter (mm) : 70
  • Tweeter Installation Cutout Diameter (mm) : 72
  • Tweeter Frequency Response (Hz) : 2000-23000
  • Tweeter Impedance (Ohm) : 4
  • Sensitivity (db/1Wm) : 108

Whats In The Box?

  • 1 x Pair of Heavy Duty High Power Tweeters
  • 1 x Pair of Bass Blocker Capacitor Crossovers (Pre Fitted From V3)