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BLACKAIR 12" active ported enclosure

BLACKAIR 12" active ported enclosure

  • £190.00

The BlackAir enclosure range has always set the industry benchmark for powered bass enclosures, now adding a huge slot port for high volume output with almost zero turbulence, the BlackAir Vented enclosures deliver great musicality with excellent depth and clarity of bass


The BlackAir Vented enclosures feature a huge high efficiency slot port with ABS port trim smoothing the airflow in and out of the enclosure. The slot port delivers high volume output with almost zero turbulence giving a rich full sound, with excellent quality of bass and great musicality.


Active enclosures have an integrated amplifier. The new generation of VIBE Active Amplifier has arrived. The PowerBox Bass 2 is integrated into the side of the enclosure and is perfectly tuned to get the very best out of the BlackAir’s subwoofer and enclosure combination.


The BlackAir subwoofer is especially engineered to work at peak performance in the BlackAir enclosure creating one of the best one box subwoofer bass solutions available on the market

  • Active: Integrated PowerBox Amplifier
  • Speaker Size: 12″ (323mm)
  • 550 watts RMS
  • 1600 watts PEAK
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz-1.5kHz

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