GLADEN SOUNDUP GA-SU-BM-S676-C - BMW Amplifier Upgrade Kit



SoundUp package for all BMWs of the F and G series with factory sound system (S676).

With the SU-BM-S676-C SoundUp package you can easily upgrade your original sound system. Here, a DSP amplifier is used to upgrade your factory speakers, including center speaker, so they can perform to their full potential.

The SoundUp package includes an 8 channel DSP amplifier, a vehicle specific plug & play harness set and accessories for installation. The plug & play harness set allows a non-destructive installation so that the SoundUp packages are predestined for leased vehicles.

Your new BMW sound package includes:

  • 8 channel DSP amplifier - Mosconi Pico 8|10 DSP
  • Vehicle specific harness set incl. power - Gladen Audio SU-BMS676


- More sound pressure through more amplifier power

- Optimization of the original speakers via the DSP.

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