GLADEN SOUNDUP GA-SU-MB-205ASD-BASIC+ - Mercedes Speaker & Amplifier Upgrade Kit



SoundUp package for all Mercedes C, E GLC models with ASD or similar.

The SoundUp package includes a 3-way front speaker system, a two way coaxial speaker, a 6 channel DSP amplifier, a vehicle specific plug & play harness set and damping material to prevent vibration of the speaker mounting locations.

After installation, you can use our DSP software to load a pre-configured and vehicle-specific DSP setting. This can be adjusted afterwards to your personal music taste.

The included cable set is only compatible for vehicles "with" ASD module.

What does ASD mean? This feature transmits an artificially generated engine noise via the speakers into the interior. Since the amplifier of the SoundUp-Set has a lot of power, the ASD is deactivated by means of the cable set, because otherwise the volume of the engine noise would be too loud.

Compatible for the following vehicles: W205, W213 (with ASD and without factory sound system).

Your new Mercedes sound package includes:

  • Premium 3-way speaker - system (front) - Gladen Audio GA-ONE200.3MB-LD
  • Premium 2-way speaker - coax (rear) - Gladen Audio GA-ONE100MB-DX
  • 6 channel DSP amplifier - Mosconi Pico 6|8 DSP
  • Vehicle specific harness set incl. power - Gladen Audio SU-WKMBASD + SU-Power150
  • Damping - Gladen Audio AERO Butyl + AERO Wave


- Perfectly tuned sound system for your Mercedes through the latest DSP
- Dynamic sound through highly efficient speakers

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