CROWN INDUSTRY 56AH LifePo4 high discharge lithium battery.





Introducing the first of a new line of high discharge Car audio lithium batteries  from CROWN INDUSTY is a 56ah LifePo4 nanophosphate lithium battery with built in cell balancer. This is a ready to rock, plug n play power solution to either use as a starter battery, or as a secondary battery to supply plenty of instant power for your audio system with a quick recharge time. It is the ideal candidate to be used on vehicles with factory alternators that don't charge above 14.7v saving you the hassle of needing bigger/custom alternators if you want to run under a 5000w system.

But if you do want a bigger system you can also use multiple in parallel for more capacity. you can also use a bigger alternator on these with a max total input charge of 250a of charging per battery.

The case is constructed of strong impact ABS plastic with built in Handles with nickle coated brass terminals with m8 female threads. (Bolts are included)

Not to be used under the bonnet on petrol cars. But can be used under the bonnet on diesels. This is due to ambient temperatures.



  • Nominal Voltage: 12V
  • Float voltage 13.2v
  • Max charge voltage 14.7v
  • Usable voltage range 11-14.7v
  • Max charge current 250a
  • Wattage: 4000w rms
  • Max Continuous Amps: 500A (10 seconds)
  • Max burst Amps: 1000a (1 second)
  • Energy Wh: 672
  • Ah – 56
  • Weight 10kg
  • User temperature range -25 to +55c
  • Dimensions 256mm wide, 165mm depth, 210mm tall.
  • Brass m8 threaded terminals (bolts included)
  • 2 X carry Handles
  • ABS injection molded black case

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