CT25VW07 - VW Speaker Adapter




VW Speaker Adapter

Features & Benefits

  • Allows the installation of standard size aftermarket speakers when replacing the OEM speakers
Manufacturer Model Note Year From Year To Headunit Connection
Skoda Octavia Front door. 165mm 2001 N//A
VW Beetle Front Door 165mm 1997 2010 N//A
VW Lupo Front Door 165mm 1998 2005 N//A
VW EOS Front Door 165mm 2006 2016 N//A
VW Tiguan Rear Door 165mm 2007 2015 N//A
VW Polo Front And Rear Door 165mm.9N/9N3/6R/6C Models 2001 2016 N//A
VW Touran Rear Door 165mm 2006 2010 N//A
VW UP! Front Door 165mm 2011 2017 N//A
VW Amarok Front Door 165mm 2009 2016 N//A
VW Golf Front and Rear Installation 165mm. VI/VII Models 2008 2011 N//A
VW Scirocco Front Door 165mm 2008 2014 N//A

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