The EDGE Unlimited range is designed as just that, no limits! The range is about maximum performance without compromise. The new Unlimited subwoofers have been packed with technology such as the unique heat raptor, carbon fibre dust-cap, ribbed surround and high quality USA built voice coil. 

All of the tech is then strategically engineered to ensure the maximum performance possible by combining the correct motor and pole piece, well designed suspension and accurately produced wiring and voice coil 

All this results in a subwoofer that produces exceptional results on all levels!

BEST SPL - High power SPL derived subwoofer for competition winning performance along side smooth musical playback.

UNIQUE TECHNOLOGIES - Innovative heat raptor technology for enhanced heat dissipation leading to louder, longer playtime.

BEST SOUND - The ribbed surround, non pressed paper cone and Carbon fibre dust-cap allows the EDU subwoofer to have lightweight soft parts for a smooth sound-wave transition for a warm rounded sound.

HIGH POWER - 5000 watts RMS of power from a high performance American made Voice coil which features a 65mm winding height and high temp black resin coating. 


  • Ribbed surround
  • USA built voice coil
  • Aluminium heat sink and extraction pole
  • Cast alloy torsion basket
  • Dual 0.7 Ohms voice coil
  • High power motor

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