EDX15D2-E3 | EDGE Xtreme Series 15" 4000 watts Subwoofer





Our Xtreme Series subwoofers were designed with a combination of street bass and competition bass in mind. All the subwoofers feature massive triple stacked motor structures across 3 basket types all constructed from cast Aluminium for strength and rigidity. Paired with Polycotton spiders, stitched tinsel leads, non pressed paper cones and 3 inch voice coils we have a variant of power and sizes available. New for 2023, featuring a brand new custom tooled basket for increased excursion on the low bass and an even wider foam surround to cope with this excursion! This is paired with our brand new custom tooled 2 piece dustcap giving us a unique subwoofer! If pushing the limits of excursion and SPL is what you want to achieve, then our Xtreme Series subwoofers are the right tool for the job.


BEST SOUND - Double stitched High roll foam surround and paper composite cone make for lightweight but strong soft parts allowing for massive output from these subwoofers.

PREMIUM DESIGN - Brand new custom tooled 2 peice dustcap with edge outline logo making for a premium looking subwoofer.

GREAT SOUND - Powerful motor assembly with tripple stacked Y35 magnets provides strong motor force for providing deep punchy bass.

BEST POWER HANDLING - The 3” voice coil and custom designed soft parts result in huge power handling for a 15” driver.


 Model - EDX15D2-E3
Type - Subwoofer
Speaker Size - 15” (392mm)
Peak/RMS Power - 4500W/2250W
Sensitivity - 86 dB
Frequency Response - 20Hz - 450Hz
Impedance Dual - 2Ω
Mounting Depth - 9.2” (234mm)
Mounting Diameter - 13.7” (349mm)
Enclosure Volume - 2 - 3ft3

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