ESX DBX300Q - 6"x9" Subwoofer Enclosure



The popular ESX DBX SERIES has been extended with the DBX300Q spare wheel recess subwoofer system for amplifiers, which provide about 200 watts RMS at 4 Ω. With the newly developed subwoofer with double voice coil, great basses are produced and thanks to the low height of only 15 cm, the subwoofer system in all major vehicles space.

Besides the conventional connection sockets, where the 2+2 Ω output can also be wired to a single 4 or even 1 Ω output, the box also has the new and innovative Quick Connect socket, which enables a plug+play connection with each amplifier via a 4 -fold Molex socket. This requires special Quick Connect subwoofer cables, available in 4 different lengths.


  • 15 x 23 cm (6 x 9”) Single Bassreflex System
  • Suitable for Spare Wheel Recess
  • Power Rating 200/400 Watts RMS/Max.
  • Impedance 2+2 Ω
  • Laterally located Bassreflex Port
  • Subwoofer with Scooped Paper Cone
  • Subwoofer Protection Grille
  • Quick Connect Socket
  • Dimensions Ø 50 x 15 cm

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