ESX DBX600Q - Dual 6.5" Subwoofer Enclosure



The 600er and 800er models of the DBX SERIES not only have the special feature that they deliver an enormous amount of bass due to the lavish equipment with two subwoofers, but thanks to their construction they can also be described as problem solvers, as they take up little or no space in the trunk. Another highlight is that they can be converted to active operation either passively or very simply by installing an QUANTUM QM400/500 amplifier in a specially designed recess. The idea saves even more space and also looks very fancy. If you don't want to give up space and have a spare wheel recess, the DBX800Q system with 2 x 20 cm dual woofer load can bring real rich bass into the car. The bass is deep and powerful and even convinces “hardcore bass fans” who can never have enough bass in the car.

Besides the conventional connection sockets, where the 2+2 Ω output can also be wired to a single 4 or even 1 Ω output, the box also has the new and innovative Quick Connect socket, which enables a plug+play connection with each amplifier via a 4 -fold Molex socket. This requires special Quick Connect subwoofer cables, available in 4 different lengths.


  • 2 x 16,5 cm (6.5”) Dual Bassreflex System
  • Power Rating 300/600 Watts RMS/Max.
  • Impedance 2+2 Ω
  • 38 mm (1.5") Voice Coils
  • Recess with Protection Grille measuring 200 x 36 x 120 mm
  • Recess suitable for QUANTUM QM400/500 Amplifiers
  • High-quality Logo Embroidery
  • Robust Carpet Cover
  • Quick Connect Socket
  • Dimensions 28 x 16,5 x 86 cm


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