ESX QM-FOUR-PP - 4 Channel Amplifier





  • 4-Channel Class D Plug+Play Mini Digital Amplifier
  • 4 x 52/90 Watts RMS @ 4/2 Ω
  • 2 x 180 Watts RMS @ 4 Ω bridged
  • HPF/LPF 40 - 4000 Hz (CH1/2)
  • HPF/LPF 40 - 4000 Hz (CH3/4)
  • Bass Boost 0 / 6 / 12 dB (CH1/2)
  • Bass Boost 0 / 6 / 12 dB (CH3/4)
  • Input Selector 2CH/4CH
  • Dimensions 216 x 39 x 84 mm
  • Efficiency up to 86%


  • Adapter Harness for Power Quadlock Head Units (5 m)
  • Efficient Class D Amplifier with ultra-compact dimensions
  • Heavy die-cast Heatsink with perfect cooling characteristics
  • Auto Turn-On Function
  • High Level Inputs with Error Protection System (EPS)
  • Start/Stop Ready
  • Compact Bass Remote Controller
  • RCA Inputs & Outputs (via Molex)
  • Clipping LED

The approximately palm-sized 2-channel mini power amplifier QUANTUM QM-TWO caused amazement right after the presentation among ESX fans and connoisseurs of the car hifi scene. The small powerhouse with a whopping 240 watts RMS output was immediately traded as an insider tip. After last year's improved V2 version with incredible 300 W RMS performance topped that again, ESX is now adding two more models in the QUANTUM QM class: The powerful QM-FOUR power amplifier is now available for 4-channel applications, who want to drive a separate subwoofer, can now use the new monoblock QM-ONE. Both power bars deliver a whopping 360 watts RMS and are visually perfectly matched. Modern and efficient Class D technology is used in all models, combined with EPS, top features and perfect sound characteristics. The QM-ONE monoblock is not only visually the perfect play partner to match the QM-FOUR. If a separate woofer is also to be fired, its area of application is clearly defined. With a full 360 watts RMS at 2 Ω, sufficient steam is provided, and the bass level can even be conveniently adjusted using the remote control.

The QM-FOUR-PP Plug&Play Edition is ideal for reinforcing a factory system. Only one condition has to be met for this: The radio must be equipped with a modern Quadlock plug ex works. In this, the loudspeaker plug insert can be easily removed and connected to the enclosed 5 meter cable harness of the QM-FOUR-PP. Finally, the QM amplifier only needs to be supplied with power and that's it!

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