ESX QXB6A - 6" Active Subwoofer Enclosure




  • 16,5 cm (6.5") Active Subwoofer System (Bassreflex)
  • Integrated Class D Amplifier (Power4 Active Module)
  • 1 x 250/500 Watt RMS/Max.
  • LPF 40-120 Hz @ 12 dB
  • Phase Shift 0°/180°
  • Bass Boost 0-6dB @ 45Hz
  • RCA Low Level Input
  • High Level Input
  • Auto Turn-On Function (DC or signal)
  • Start-stop capable, 5 sec./ up to 7 Volts
  • EPS PRO with 10R / 150R / 600R (switchable)
  • Input Sensitivity 15 or 40 Volts (switchable)
  • Triple Limiter Function, Clipping LED
  • Bass Remote Controller
  • Compact Enclosure with Logo Embroidery
  • Protection Grille
  • Optional Standing Feet for Downfire Operation
  • Dimensions 42 x 28 x 16 cm

A really good subwoofer system always needs an additional powerful amplifier. If the installation of an external amplifier is too complex or you don't have the space, you can use active models that already have pre-installed amplifiers. But beware, often for cost reasons, analog power amplifiers that are rather weak or outdated in terms of performance are often installed. Sometimes even the simplest 12 volt bridge chips can be found inside that do no more than simple car radios. ESX takes a different approach here and integrates state-of-the-art Class D amplifier modules that can mobilize up to 400 watts/RMS output power. Equipped in this way, the very compact QUANTUM QXB active subwoofer systems deliver extremely high performance and bass levels.


Therefore ESX uses high-quality and award-winning POWER4 active modules, which are also particularly efficient with up to 84% efficiency. Thanks to the latest Class D circuit and EPS PRO, these modules are even prepared for connection to very modern vehicles. The included cable remote control can be used to adjust the bass from the driver's seat.


ESX has also included 4 mounting feet in the active versions of the QUANTUM QXB subwoofer systems, which can be screwed onto the front if required. This means that both models can be converted into "down-firing subs" with little effort. These boxes, which radiate downwards with the woofer, are particularly suitable, for example, for installation in double boot floors.

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