ESX QXE6D2 - 6.5" Subwoofer



QUANTUM QXE subwoofers impress with their very compact design. The QXE6D2 subwoofer is almost daintily, but with its aluminum die-cast basket, the dual magnet driver with 2 x 40 oz and the sewn bead, he signals: “Caution, it can become very loud!” The slightly larger subs have a powerful 2 x 63 oz double magnet and just like the QXE6D2 a pole core drilling and also a ventilated T-Plate for optimal cooling. The QXE6D2 has a large 2 “(50 mm) voice coil with an RMS Power Rating of 250 Watts and the QXE8D2  as well as the brand new QXE10D2 carry a 2.5” (64 mm) voice coil with a power rating of 400 and 600 Watts RMS. Extremely long-wound voice coils of 30 or 36 mm winding height allow a linear stroke of +/- 10 mm. Both woofers have a dual voice coil with 2+2 Ω each. This can be used to configure impedances of 1 x 4 Ω or even 1 x 1 Ω. Without problems, several subwoofers can also be operated in series on an amplifier.


  • Sturdy Aluminum Basket
  • 50 mm Dual Voice Coil with 30 mm winding height
  • Dual Magnet with 80 oz. (2,2 kg)
  • Vented Pole Core
  • Double Stitched Surround
  • Scooped Paper Cone
  • X-Max +/- 15 mm


  • 16,5 cm (6.5”) Compact Subwoofer
  • Power Rating 250/500 Watts RMS/Max.
  • Impedance 2+2 Ω
  • Installation depth 117 mm
  • Installation diameter 150 mm

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