ESX QXE8.2W - 8" Woofer




  • 20 cm (8") Midbass Speakers
  • Power Rating 125/250 Watts RMS/Max.
  • Impedance 3 Ω
  • Frequency Range 35 - 5000 Hz
  • Fiberglass Cones
  • 30 mm voice coils with additional ventilation
  • Powerful N45 neodymium magnet drivers with high efficiency
  • Pole core with copper cap for impedance linearization
  • Low weight (542 g / pc.)
  • Installation depth 57 mm
  • Installation diameter 182 mm

More and more often, not only 16.5 cm bass speakers fit into the front doors, but also really large chassis with a diameter of 20 cm. Since the simple rule of thumb “more membrane area = more bass” also applies here, you can get a lot of bass out of the doors with the new 8-inch ESX woofers from the QUANTUM QXE series. They fit into common 20 cm adapters for many car models, such as VW, Audi or Tesla. 

Since conventional 20 cm woofers with ferrite magnets are too heavy and too deep for door mounting, ESX has designed a special 20 cm bass-midrange loudspeaker with a neodymium drive, which, with its low 57 mm installation depth and light 542 grams, is particularly suitable for Suitable for door installation. In addition to the high-quality glass fiber membrane, it has another special feature in its construction: the neodymium magnet is not located at the back of the speaker basket as usual, but is mounted at the front. This saves installation depth and also optimizes the center of gravity.

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