ESX SXB8W - BMW/MINI 8" Subwoofer (Pair)




  • BMW E/F/G and MINI R/F Models


  • 20 cm (8”) Subwoofer (Pair)
  • Power Rating 100/200 Watts RMS/Max.
  • Impedance 4 Ω
  • Frequency Range 30 - 300 Hz
  • 216 mm Paper Cones
  • 38,5 mm Voice Coils
  • Nomex Spiders
  • N38 Neodymium Magnet Drivers
  • Car-specific Connectors
  • Installation depth 51 mm
  • Installation diameter 180 mm

    Retrofit speakers for many BMW and Mini models at an affordable price? And this in a very good quality? The The SIGNUM SXB loudspeaker systems prove that this does not have to be a contradiction. If the original factory sound system simply sounds too thin, these models are spot on. Brilliant highs, balanced mids and powerful bass are the rewarding results.

    Everyone knows that it is not easy to retrofit good loudspeakers in BMW vehicles. For this reason, ESX has developed all components in such a way that this "hurdle" is easier to take. Through consistent plug + play implementation, it is quite easy to replace the original speakers without any problems. All connectors, screws and the speakers themselves fit perfectly.

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