ESX VX10.0 PRO - 10 Farad Hybrid Power Capacitor



The VISION VX10.0 PRO Hybrid Powercap with integrated distribution block is the ideal power backup for the powerful high-power amps of the VX PRO SPL series. Thanks to hybrid carbon/electrolytic capacitor technology, it offers a much more consistent power supply, huge sound improvement and much better bass performance for power hungry amplifiers. With a real 10.0 Farad capacity, it absorbs unwanted downward voltage fluctuations and thus stabilizes the entire sound system. With the integrated distribution block for cable cross-sections up to 50 mm2, the VX10.0PRO is versatile.


  • 10 Farad Hybrid Power Capacitor with integrated Distribution Block
  • Operating voltage 11 - 16 V DC
  • Impulse operating voltage up to 18 V DC
  • Operating temperature -40 ~ 60°C
  • Digital volt display with 4 digits
  • Low internal resistance (ESR) < 6.5 mΩ
  • Dimensions: 16,5 x 5,7 x 26.,0 cm


Distribution Block:

  • 1 x Plus 50 mm² IN / 2 x 50/25 mm² OUT
  • 1 x Minus 50 mm² IN / 2 x 50/25 mm² OUT

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