ESX VXP6.2T - 1" Tweeters




  • 25 mm (1") Silk Dome Neodymium Tweeters
  • Power Rating 125 Watt/RMS, 250 Watt/Max.
  • Frequency Range 3500 - 25000 Hz
  • Impedance 4 Ω
  • Unscrewable Tweeter Brackets for flexible Installation
  • Copper Caps on Pole Piece for a Linear Frequency Response
  • Built-in and Surface Mount Housings
  • 6 dB Cable Crossovers
  • Installation depth 9 mm
  • Installation diameter 44 mm


If you want to conjure up the best possible sound in your vehicle, you should ideally build your desired system from several components. This is a task for professionals, especially when high-quality multi-way systems, possibly with midrange speakers, an additional subwoofer or a separate amplifier are used. Exactly for such ambitious purposes, ESX engineers have created the high-end VISION VXP components, which come up with innovative materials, top workmanship and excellent parameters.

Even spoiled sound gourmets get their money's worth here. Immediately noticeable is the newly constructed all-aluminum basket, which sports the "X" from the ESX brand logo as a design element. The aluminum basket shouldn't just look good, first and foremost it has technical features: the construction makes it possible to accommodate a 30 mm voice coil on a Kapton Former together with an extra large spider. All of the measures are fundamentally important so that the oscillating unit can generate a decent level and excursion (max. up to +/- 11 mm mechanically).

So that nothing is "slowed down" at the upper end, a so-called "high-roll" surround is used, which was optimally fitted together with the composite cone. The ESX sound engineers are particularly proud of the incredibly good VISION VXP6.2T neodymium tweeter. At first glance, it looks like the new model from the Quantum series, but the VISION tweeter has been further improved with additional tricks: There is a special copper cap on the pole core, which minimizes the distortion factor and linearizes the impedance curve. There are actually only a few tweeters on the market that achieve such a linear frequency response up to 25,000 Hz. In many listening sessions it became clear: The VISION VXP tweeter is by far the best ESX tweeter to date! He's never annoying and blends in absolutely brilliantly with the music. Our tip: A 3-way fully active system together with the midrange driver VXP3M.

For the absolute sound experience, professionals install a 3-way system with a midrange speaker like the VXP3M. The quality of the aluminum basket VISION midrange speaker with ring neodymium magnet, which has also been completely retooled, is also sublime. Even the testers of Car & Hifi 2/2023 were blown away by the good SPL performance of up to 99 dB! Quote: "Some 16s can't do that". The C&H conclusion "Midrange speaker with excellent performance - HIGHLIGHT"

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