Focal Car Audio FDS1350 - Performance Series Mono Amplifier



Performance Series Ultra Compact Mono Amplifier
  • Mono D Class amplifier with dual output
  • High-level inputs with auto-detection /
  • RCA low-level inputs
  • CEA power (4 Ohms): 1x210 Watts RMS
  • Power max (2 Ohms): 1x350 Watts RMS
  • Low-pass crossover: 40Hz-400Hz
  • Progressive phase adjustment (0-180°)
  • Bass boost (0/6dB/12dB)
  • Protections: Short circuit / low impedance / reversal of polarity / DC / power drop / heat protection
  • Dimensions (LxHxW): 199x108x43mm
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs
The FD 1.350 is a mono block amplifier specifically designed for handling a subwoofer channel. It has a power of 210 and 350 Watts RMS under 4 and 2 Ohms respectively. In order to configure the system’s bass according to the car’s installation; it is equipped with an active crossover, bass correction and phase adjustment.
 Direct Fet® technology optimises the amplifier’s heat management. This technology helps reduce the overall temperature of the MOSFET components, thanks to the optimisation of their electrical and thermal resistance.
Actually, everything takes place in the casing of the component: thanks to a specific design, heat is dissipated via the aluminium heat sink and also via the chassis. This gives the advantage of obtaining more power in a confined space, making it possible to combine integration and sound quality. The use of low-noise operational amplifiers considerably reduces distortion. To be more specific, this means increased musicality and enhanced precision.
Low Pass Filter
For extra flexibility, a variable LPF makes audio frequency more adjustable according to subwoofer characteristics and personal listening preferences. The FDS1.350 LPF is adjustable from 40Hz-400Hz

D Class Amplifier
Excellently efficient class of amplifiers, made for powering subwoofers.

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