Focal Car Audio iBus 2.1 - 8" Active Underseat Subwoofer with 2 Channel Amplifier

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  • ISO Plug & Play cable provided (Direct Connection to ISO head unit)
  • Easy Installation under car seat (Takes up little space)
  • Intensifies the bass of your audio system
  • Powerful amplification solution (Allowing you to keep your ergonomics of your original source without loosing display or control functions)
  • Recreate a high-performance 2.1 system in your car

8" under seat subwoofer with integrated 2 channel amplifier 


The IBus 2.1 subwoofer has a compact aluminum chassis. It’s ultra-thin, very robust, and it offers great heat dissipation. The chassis features a flat 8" (20cm) subwoofer with a nominal power of 75W RMS. Thanks to the 2 x 55W RMS amplification, combined with an active enclosure, your audio system will benefit from deep and tight bass, as well as from a very powerful 2-way Integration car audio kit.