Focal Car Audio ISUBTWIN PERFORMANCE Under Seat Passive Subs 2x100w RMS



  • Ultra-compact, twin subwoofers
  • Power: 2 × 200 W
  • High-fidelity sound
  • Easy, invisible integration
  • Self-adhesive strips provided
  • Compatible with all Focal Car Audio products as well as Focal Inside.

PERFORMANCE Under Seat Passive Subs 2x100w RMS - Focal Car Audio ISUBTWIN

The front grilles promote optimum sound dispersion throughout the cabin. These ultra-compact subwoofers are quick and easy to install too, without any car modifications required.

They slide comfortably underneath the seats* and are super easy to attach, with no tools required, using the self-adhesive strips provided. However, it is also very easy to screw them to the floor if you so wish.

We recommend powering the ISUB TWIN with amplifier Impulse 4.320, its two front channels will remain available to connect a pair of speaker drivers in the front doors, for example.

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