Focal Car Audio TBM-TWEETER-M Utopia High Fidelity Tweeters for Bespoke Installs

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  • Nominal power 100W
  • Maximum power 200W
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91.5dB
  • Nom. impedance 4Ω
  • Cone W
  • Surround Butyl
  • DC resistance 2.7Ω
  • VC diameter 80mm 31/8''
  • Former Glass Fiber
  • Layers 1
  • Wire CCAW
  • Magnet D x H 75x4mm 215/16'' x 03/16''
  • Net weight 1,050g 2.3lbs

The culmination of the very best of the latest innovations, the Beryllium tweeter combines for the first time ever the ‘M’-profile dome and the patented TMD® surround.

With this new combination, Focal engineering teams have successfully extended the frequency response and obtained better dispersion. These tweeters also get a treble that is unrivalled in its precision, of great finesse, and an incredible soundstage's width.

Originally developed for the Sopra line of high-fidelity loudspeakers, our TMD® (Tuned Mass Damper) surround has a unique profile, designed to better control the effects of resonance and to drastically reduce the distortion associated with deformations of the cone.

Only metal capable of scratching glass because of its extreme rigidity, Beryllium is the perfect material for a tweeter dome. Two years of research and development led to a world first with the creation of a pure Beryllium inverted dome capable of covering over five octaves.

It is an exclusive Focal technology, unique worldwide, that we have now combined with our latest innovation, the ‘M’ profile, which enables optimum dispersion and the use of a large, 1” (25mm) voice coil for improved power handling.