Gladen Mosconi Pico 4 s.a - 4 Channel Amplifier with Crossover



4 Channel Amplifier with crossover, especially designed for partial active speaker sytems such as BMW and Mercedes 


  • High efficiency amplifier with 4 x 90 Wrms / 4 Ohm output power.
  • HP 280Hz
  • LP 220Hz
  • Fully bridgeable and 2 ohm stable, inputs high and low level.
  • Load resistor and ground lift selectable via jumpers, switchable active crossovers.
  • Ideal for use in smart OEM projects, or with the EXT4link patch cable as a supplement to a PICO 8|12 DSP.

Technical Features


Output Powers RMS @ 14.4V (1%THD)

  • 4 x 90W stereo @ 4Ohm
  • 2 x 85W + 1 x 245W bridged @ 4Ohm
  • 2 x 240W bridged @ 4 Ohm

Input Sensitivity Range

  • 1.5 V ÷ 20 V (High level mode)
  • 0.3 V ÷ 4 V (Low level mode)

Onboard crossover filter configuration

  • HP (CH1/2) / HP or LP (CH3/4)

Onboard crossover filter slope

  • 12dB/oct

Onboard crossover filter frequency

  • 80Hz

Size and Weight

  • 150 x 115 x 46mm, 1.4Kg

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