GZ ULTRA 165-GRILL - Ultra Speaker Grill



  • Precisely machined massive aluminum mounting ring
  • High-gloss polished surface
  • GZ-design hexagon style NRG* protection grill
  • Rubber inlay for optimized grill adhesion
  • Two-way logo badges for custom alignment
  • Compatible with GZ ULTRA K-165**
  • *Non-resonant grill
  • **Also compatible with GZHK 165, GZUK 165SQ, GZNK 165SQ-K, GZPK 165SQ-C
Type aluminum mounting ring
Outer Ø 184 mm / 7.24”
Mounting Ø 176 mm / 6.93”
Mounting depth   12 mm / 0.47”
Loudspeaker pitch Ø  156.5 mm / 6.161” (8x)
Weight (pc / w/o grill) 190 g

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