GZCA 750.2-D1 - 2-channel competition SPL amplifier

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1500 Watts

2-channel 1-ohm stable full range SPL high power amplifier with class D circuit and integrated active crossover


SPL high power amplifier

Made in Brazil

Class D technology

Variable active crossover and bass boost

full range frequency responde

Stabilized high voltage power supply

Large terminals

Solid heatsink with Ground Zero lettering

Particularly qualified for SPL and SQL applications

Competition SPL amplifier





Output Power (@ 2Ω) 

2x 400Watts RMS


Output Power (@ 1Ω) 

2x 750 Watts RMS


Output Power (@ 1Ω/12.6 V) 

2x 600 Watts RMS


Frequency Response 

15 Hz – 20 kHz



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Dimensions (w x l x h) 

184 x 172 x 55 mm