Helix Compose CFMK100 MB.1 - 4"-100mm Mercedes Speaker Adapter Rings




FlexMount is our patented mounting system, based on specially developed adaptor rings.
With just one turn, your universal 4" / 100 mm HELIX COMPOSE midrange speaker with FlexMount100 technology becomes car-specific, allowing an easy and acoustically optimized installation in the original mounting position of the vehicle.


  • Vehicle-specific adapter ring for a professional and acoustically optimized integration of the 4” / 100 mm HELIX COMPOSE midrange with FlexMount100 Technology in the original mounting location of the vehicle
  • Easy installation and secure fixation of the midrange in the adaptor ring thanks to patented bayonet lock
  • Including gaskets to prevent acoustic short circuits



  • Ci7 M100FM-S3
  • Ci3 M100FM-S3
  • Ci3 K100.2FM-S3
  • Ci3 C100-2FM-S3

Car models:

  • Suitable for Mercedes vehicles with factory installed midrange

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