Helix HEC AUX IN - HP40030 - AUX Input Module DSP PRO / MK2





The HELIX Extension Card AUX IN extends HELIX devices with a 3.5 mm AUX input for connecting analog sources like smartphones.

Furthermore, the module provides an additional optical digital output in SPDIF format.

The module will be delivered with a device-specific side panel are part of the price.

  • AUX input with a 3.5 mm jack for an external audio source
  • Input sensitivity of 200 mV suits well for most portable devices
  • Automatic signal detection
  • Additional digital optical output
  • Device-specific side panel included in delivery
AUX input 3.5 mm jack
Input sensitivity 200 mV
Input impedance 1 kOhm
A/D converter 48 kHz / 24 Bit (MK1)
96 kHz / 24 Bit (MK2)
Digital optical output SPDIF with 96 kHz / 24 Bit

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