The universal cable remote control URC.1 for HELIX and MATCH DSP products with Smart Control Port (SCP) gives you full control over the volume level of the subwoofer or a specific signal source, such as an optionally available Bluetooth module. The volume level to be controlled is defined in the DSP PC-Tool software.
Thanks to the multifunctional housing, quick and uncomplicated mounting is possible both on the top and bottom. Alternatively, the housing can be easily removed to enable a discreet integration into the vehicle interior – for example behind the vehicle trim.


  • Optimum volume control – Configurable as subwoofer, master or Aux volume
  • Multifunctional, removeable housing – enables mounting on the bottom or top side as well as behind panels
  • Compatible with all HELIX and MATCH DSP devices with Smart Control Port (SCP)
  • Connection cable 5 m / 16.4 ft

Technical data

Control elements 1 x Rotary knob
Cable length 5 Meters
Connector SCP
Dimensions with housing 30,1 x 23 x 42,7 mm / 
1.18 x 0.90 x 1.68"


Compatible with all HELIX and MATCH DSP devices with Smart Control Port (SCP)

Scope of delivery

1 x URC.1
1 x Connection cable (5 m / 16.4 ft)
1 x Mounting material

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