Hertz Dieci DSK 130.3 - 5.25" 2-Way Component Speakers



The Hertz Dieci DSK 130.3 component system lets you realize a high quality audio system with the utmost in simplicity. 

The woofers employ the exclusive V-cone® profile for amazing off-axis response and detailed mid-high range. The TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) surround ensures linearity and reduction of unwanted resonance, even at high excursion.

High-performance materials, such as the neodymium motor assembly and the PEI membrane, ensure an extended high frequency range. The passive filters are found directly on the supplied connection cables, along with a rich array of accessories increasing the install-friendliness and installation time.


DT 24.3 Tweeters
  • 24 mm PEI dome-cone tweeter.
  • High efficiency annular acoustic lens.
  • High energy neodymium magnet.
  • Mounting accessories for external or embedded mounting included.
DV 130.3 Midbass
  • Large motor assembly for mobile voice coil control.
  • Pure copper voice coil, wound on conex former, for maximum lightness.
  • V-cone® for best off-axis response, clear mid-high frequency detail and powerful bass.
  • TPU surround, for wide excursion and resonance damping.
  • DIN size basket protected by abrasion-proof dust paint.
  • Tin-plated, high current terminals.
  • Silver-plated lead wires for maximum reliability and conductivity.
  • Butyl rubber protective cover, against crashes and abrasions.
  • Epoxy glue for basket and motor system provides perfect coupling.
  • Low carbon content plates for maximum magnetic permeability and high heat dissipation.
  • Two way system
  • Woofer size mm (in.): 130 (5.0)
  • Tweeter size mm (in.): 24 (0.9)
  • Power handling  W peak: 120 / W continuous: 60
  • Impedance: 4ohms
  • Frequency response Hz: 60 ÷ 23k
  • Sensitivity dB SPL: 93
  • Magnet size D·d·h mm (in.): 70 x 32 x 15 (2.7 x 1.3 x 0.6)
  • Voice coil Ø mm (in.): 25 (1.0)
  • Woofer magnet: High density flux ferrite
  • Tweeter magnet: Neodymium
  • Woofer cone: Water-repellent pressed paper
  • Tweeter dome: PEI
  • Crossover  - Hi Pass
  • Crossover cut off - 3,5 kHz @ 12 dB Oct.
  • Woofer weight  kg (lb.) 0,53 (1.17)
  • Tweeter weight  kg (lb.) 0,03 (0.07)
  • Crossover weight  kg (lb.) 0,16 (0.35) 

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