Hybrid-Audio Clarus C12SW-D2 - 12" Subwoofer

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You’ll know how serious this driver is at first glance as you take in the cast frame and heavy-duty nickel-plated spring-loaded push terminals, but its proof will be upon first listen as the Clarus subwoofer does what it does best: articulating the nuances of your favorite recordings to effectively reproducing significant sound pressure levels. At home in virtually any enclosure arrangement – from sealed, to vented, to infinite baffle and bandpass – the Clarus range of subwoofers are going to impress even the most critical listener with speed and articulation, bottom-octave authority, with a total inductance profile that is not just low, but flat over stroke, frequency, and power.


Recommended Enclosure:
Sealed: 1.5 ft^3
Vented: 1.75 ft^3 Tuned @ 30 Hz
Infinite Baffle (with judicious power input)