MATCH PP-EC 40 - Plug & Play 4m Cable Harness Extension




When the cables are too short for you to realize your desired mounting position for your new devices, just add the PP-EC to your build and that problem will disappear. It allows for the extension of all Plug & Play cable harnesses that are equipped with a 20-pin MOLEX connector. The PP-EC is available in lengths of 1.10, 2.50 and 4.00 meters.

Technical data

Cable harness lengths

PP-SC 40 = 4.00 meters

Connections 1 x 20-pole MOLEX male connector
1 x 20-polige MOLEX female connector


  • PP-ISO 1
  • PP-ISO 2
  • PP-ISO 2 PRO
  • PP-ISO 5

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