MATCH PP-PAC 80 - Mercedes from 2017 MBUX System




The premium radio adaptor cables PP-PAC allow easy connection of MATCH UPGRADE and Plug&Play components to the factory car radio and the vehicle harness. Produced according to the high standards of the automotive industry, these adaptors meet all requirements for the harsh environmental conditions in vehicles.

High-quality, twisted "FLRY" automotive wires and an optimized cable cross-section guarantee lowest conduction losses, maximum signal flow and therefore best possible signal quality.
The hard-wearing tape wrapping offers perfect protection against damage and, in combination with the asymmetrical cable lengths, enables easy installation.


  • Produced according to automotive industry standards
  • High-quality, twisted “FLRY” automotive wires

  • Optimized cable cross section for lowest conduction losses

  • Wrapped with tape for perfect protection

  • Asymmetrical cable lengths for easy installation

Technical data

Cable harness length

0.50 meter


1 x 26-pole Mercedes system jack

1 x 26-pole Mercedes system plug

2 x ISO male connector 

1 x ISO female connector


  • Mercedes from 2017 MBUX System

Scope of delivery

1 x Premium radio adaptor cable PP-PAC 80

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