Gladen Mosconi AERO 8|12 DSP - Digital Sound Processor



The new generation of the MOSCONI DSP flagship.

Only rarely one is faced with the task of making "the best" even better. This is also the case with the DSP 8to12 AEROSPACE by MOSCONI, which has always been among the best DSPs on the market for many years and is still "state of the art" in the high end segment. Here our developers succeeded in raising crucial areas and the sound performance to a new level with targeted interventions.

The new AERO 8|12 DSP is now equipped with a BT Plus port and thus also compatible with our latest innovation, the BARNIE - calibration system. In addition, it now has a universal interface for up to 16 channels.

An "active over-ALL bias" stabilization is responsible for the further increased sound performance, which minimizes distortions occurring in the entire dynamic range.The channel separation, whether in mixed operation (high level / low level) or when summing the inputs, has also been optimized again (Smart Dual ADC).

For best connectivity and installability, the AERO 8|12 DSP now has a USB-C port and a new housing that meets modern installations through its design.



  • 8 x RCA (Cinch), switchable high / low level with autosense

  • 4 of them freely selectable as prioritized Auto-fade/Aux

  • 1 x S/PDIF digital optical

  • 1 x RCA digital COAX

  • 1 x BT slot

  • ATOM Mixer menu with dynamic preset switching and "trigger" control


  • 12 x RCA analog

  • 1 x S/PDIF optical (freely assignable, volume controlled)

  • 12 V remote-out


  • Fully parametric 30 band EQ, can also be used graphically, + 12 to - 12 dB, Q: 0.5 - 40

  • Fixed: channels front (1 - 6) channels rear (9 + 10)

  • Assignable channels: 7 + 8 = Front, Rear 11 + 12 = Sub, Center, Free


  • 10 per channel freely configurable, (setting without sound interruption)

  • Highpass, lowpass, shelf, notch, allpas, peak EQ

  • Slope 6 - 120 dB/Oct, variable Q, time and level


  • Compatible with BARNIE measurement system

  • Time correction 0 - 12 ms (0.005 ms steps) (setting without sound interruption)

  • Input-Delay (Channels 1 - 6) for the correction of runtime-delayed plant systems

  • Phase inversion 0 - 180°

  • Level adjustment outputs (0.5-dB steps)

  • Mute function

  • 4 x preset memory (switching without sound interruption)

  • Dimensions: 200 x 125 x 40 mm (incl. mounting flange)

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