Gladen Mosconi PICO 8|10 DSP - 8 Channel Amplifier With DSP



Mosconi Gladen PICO 8|10 DSP

Designed to be as small as possible for a complete audio system, the Gladen Pico 8|10 offers impeccable control of input signals and includes a universal interface to connect with OEM head units.
It boasts a 3×9 band parametric equaliser, the option to deal with any delays and differences in level (gain) on its inputs plus a flexible mixer for signal routing.
The high-speed PWM stages process 96kHz/24-bit audio streams directly, with 10 channels of DSP feeding eight Class G/H amplifiers.
As the first Mosconi Gladen device to work directly with the Gladen Aures in-car measuring system, it makes integration easier than ever.
It provides automatic DSP setup and centre channel management, with mixing, straight summation or special algorithm matrix options all possible.

Power: 60 W x 8 RMS (4 ohms, not bridgeable !)
Line outputs: 4x 2 V.
Dimensions: 150x115x45 mm.

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