Gladen Mosconi PRO 2|10 - 2 Channel Amplifier



Mosconi Pro 2|10

High End Class A/B 2ch Amplifier
This Fourth amplifier from Mosconi’s new PRO series amplifier range the Mosconi Gladen Pro 2/10 is the latest with an EISA Best Product 2017-18 for its bigger brother the 5 Channel Mosconi Gladen Pro 5/30.

Target powers:
240×2 Watt @ 4 Ohm
360×2 Watt @ 2 Ohm
720×1 Watt @ 4 Ohm

Input sensitivity:
0.35 V ÷ 12 V (6.2 V in DDSP mode)

Xover functions:
LOW PASS 43 ÷ 300Hz [24 dB/oct]
HIGH PASS 18 ÷ 280Hz [24 dB/oct]

Special features:
DDSP – Direct DSP (bypass all the preamplifier circuitry but the differential input interface)
High Level / Low Level selectable input
Autosense (BTL mode only)
RTC – Allow to regulate the volume by a remote position (optional)
Controlled via uC – Internally controlled via Atmel Processor

235 x 205 x 55 mm

2,3 Kg

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