MOSCONI GLADEN PRO 8|30 - 8 Channel Amplifier with 12 Channel DSP




The MOSCONI PRO 8|30 DSP sets standards in the field of multi-channel high-end DSP amplifiers. With its completely analog power section in the output range, the MOSCONI PRO 8|30 DSP sets standards in terms of music reproduction and thus trumps digital amplifiers in resolution and spatial representation.

Uncompromising in design, the 8 channel amplifier MOSCONI PRO 8|30 DSP convinces with unconditional output power and an outstanding high-end sound experience. With the integrated 12 channel DSP (incl. 4 channel pre-out, processed, 8 V) almost all imaginable system configurations are possible. The power amplifier is High Level capable and Class SB compatible.


  • Output power @ 4Ω:

    4 x 90 Watt + 4 x 170 Watt

  • Output power @ 2Ω:

    4 x 115 Watt + 4 x 220 Watt

  • Bridged Output power @ 4Ω:

    2 x 230 Watt + 2 x 440 Watt


  • Input sensitivity low level:

    2 Vrms (LL)

  • Input sensitivity High Level:

    15 Vrms / 30 Vrms - (15 Vrms HL Class SB)

  • Digital inputs:

    Optical (Toslink) / EXT CARD

  • Analoge Eingänge:

    8 x analog (Cinch) / optional EXT4HLIN per Adapter

  • Remote controls:

    Mosconi RCD or RC mini

  • Connection programming:

    Mikro USB

  • Dimensions:

    500 x 205 x 55 mm

  • Weight:

    5,2 kg

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